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Examined Life
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Slush Pile


Every issue has one section dedicated to a particular question. Collecting responses from a range of perspectives, these symposia prompt us to think about the values and ideas that shape our most urgent cultural and personal decisions.


Fall 2013


Natural Laws

The very idea of calling a loving couple’s consensual sexual acts immoral had always been alien to my sensibilities. Precisely for this reason, I could…


Marrying Up

Meeting my husband, Warren, was the best thing that ever happened to my father.


The Love We Use

When I got married I vowed to my wife, on a pulpit in front of all my friends and family, that I would continue to…


A Matter of Life and Death

The problem with marriage, we all know, is the endlessness of it. Once you’re married, you’ve significantly cut down the options, and it suddenly makes…


Joiners and Quitters

The utopian imagination must be directed inward, from which point it can radiate out to the neighbor, the spouse, the neighborhood, the city, the country…


Alternative Arrangements

I tend to think that the “contradictions” between feminism, alternative sexuality and marriage have always been overblown. In any group of people, some will take…


Not for Anything

Human beings are “teleologizing” creatures. That is to say: we like to understand the phenomena that we encounter in the world as coming to us…