“Consistently wise, provocative, intelligent, serious, and just. Can that be said of any other journal in America? I doubt it.”
— James Wood

The Point is a print and digital magazine of philosophical writing that embodies two distinct but complementary convictions: on the one hand, that humanistic thinking has relevance for contemporary life; on the other, that our lives are full of experiences worth thinking about. Each issue contains three sections: essays that blend memoir, criticism and journalism to examine the ideas and beliefs that shape our world; a symposium that gathers contributions on a topic chosen by the editors (e.g. privacy, sports, film, marriage), and reviews of pretty much anything at all.

The Point adheres to no specific political or social agenda; instead, we ask our readers to participate in a dialogue between diverse intellectual traditions, personalities and points of view. The goal is a society where the examined life is not an abstract ideal but an everyday practice.

The magazine takes its name from Promontory Point, a rocky outcropping on Chicago’s South Side. The first issue was conceived by three University of Chicago graduate students in a basement pub in the fall of 2009. Today The Point is mailed to subscribers around the world twice a year and is distributed to bookstores and libraries across the United States and in select international locations. We accept submissions for the print magazine and website on a rolling basis.

What People Are Saying…

“The Point should lift every sagging humanist spirit. It is intellectually serious, independent, far-reaching, spirited and elegant—a stirring act of resistance against the shrinkage of intellectual life in our culture of takeaways and metrics. This is what a journal of ideas should look like.”
     —Leon Wieseltier

“The Point is subtle and various, empathetic and argumentative, and more unexpected than it seems at first acquaintance.”
     —Times Literary Supplement

“Provocative and eclectic … You are really missing something if you don’t know about this publication.”
     —Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

“Notable both for its ambitious scope and pedigree. … Serious, and seriously entertaining, essays.”
     —Printers Row Journal

“It’s a joy to find it in the mailbox.”
     —Mark Lilla



The Editors
Jon Baskin
Anastasia N. A. Berg
Ollie Cussen
Rachel Wiseman

Managing Editor
Rachel Wiseman

Art Editor
Emma Katz

Editorial Consultant
Gregory Freeman

Contributing Editors
Robert Kehoe III
Jesse McCarthy
John Palattella
Rachel Wong

Editorial Board
Danielle Allen
Thomas Bartscherer
J. C. Gabel
Jonathan Lear
Mark Lilla
Martha Nussbaum
Geof Oppenheimer
Robert Pippin
Doug Seibold
Tom Stern
Rosanna Warren

Business Manager
Alex Jung

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