Issue 16




Order Issue 16,  featuring the symposium “What are Intellectuals For?”


  • Leaving Herland Nora Caplan-Bricker
  • Blame the Victim Gal Katz
  • “This Is The Girl” Philippa Snow
  • Innocence Abroad Ursula Lindsey
  • Tired of Winning Jon Baskin
  • Black Fire Jesse McCarthy
  • Enlightenment Idols Ollie Cussen
  • I Am Madam Bovary Anastasia Berg
  • On Being An Arsehole Jonny Thakkar
  • What A Thing Is Robert Kehoe III
  • Switching Off Rachel Wiseman
  • The Sting of Knowledge Mladen Dolar
  • Wrestling in Paris Andrew Kay
  • Useful Idiots Frank Guan
  • Guaranteed Income John Thomason
  • The Amazon Bookstore Anton Barba-Kay