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The Point is a magazine of philosophical writing that embodies two distinct but complementary convictions: on the one hand, that humanistic thinking has relevance for contemporary life; on the other, that our lives are full of experiences worth thinking about. We welcome submissions for our print journal, which is published three times a year, and for our website, which is updated continuously. Submissions are accepted through Submittable.

Each issue of the magazine has three main sections: ESSAYS, SYMPOSIUM and REVIEWS. Our essays blend memoir, criticism and journalism to examine the ideas and beliefs that shape our world. The symposium is a collection of responses to a question chosen by the editors (e.g., What is protest for? What is marriage for? What is privacy for?). Reviews can be about pretty much anything at all. Print essays run between 3,000 and 6,000 words; reviews and symposium articles are of medium length (1,500-3,000 words). We also accept ideas-driven reported pieces for our CORRESPONDENCE section (3,000-5,000 words).

Contributors whose articles appear in the print journal will be compensated. The website runs articles of any length but preferably of about 1,500-3,000 words.

Please note that The Point does not publish fiction or poetry, although we gladly accept criticism about fiction and poetry. As a general rule, we do not publish pure memoir or straight book/film reviews, but rather look for writing that combines some kind of personal or journalistic narrative with a philosophical or critical argument. The best way get a feel for our editorial inclinations is to read the magazine.

Simultaneous submissions are fine but we ask that you let us know promptly if the piece has been accepted elsewhere. Due to the volume of submissions and limited staff, we may not be able to respond to all inquiries, though we do try to respond when we can. If we are interested in a submission you will be notified.

Awards & Honors

2010 Pushcart Prize for Adam Bright’s “Here, Now” (issue 1)

2011 Pushcart special mention for Etay Zwick’s “Predatory Habits” (issue 2)

2012 Pushcart special mention for John Lingan’s “Salvation for Civilians” (issue 4)

Jonny Thakkar’s “Hail Mary Time” (issue 4)

2013 Pushcart special mention and Gawker’s Best of the Web for Emilie Shumway’s “My Job Search” (issue 5)

2014 Best American Essays for Timothy Aubry’s “A Matter of Life and Death” (issue 7)

Best American Essays honorable mention for Katharine Smyth’s “Prey” (issue 7)

Charles Comey’s “The Love We Use” (issue 7)

Barrett Swanson’s “Perilous Aesthetics” (issue 7)

Pushcart Prize for Meghan O’Gieblyn’s “Hell” (issue 9).

2015 Pushcart Prize for David Unger’s “Fail Again” (issue 10)

Pushcart special mention for Meghan O’Gieblyn’s “The Insane Idea” (issue 11)

Charles Comey’s “Against Honeymoons” (issue 10)

Best American Essays honorable mention for S. G. Belknap’s “The Tragic Diet” (issue 9)

Dawn Herrera Helphand’s “Into the Cave” (issue 8)

Moira Weigel’s “Searching for Shanghai” (issue 8)

2016 Best American Essays 2016 for Charles Comey’s “Against Honeymoons” (issue 10)

Best American Essays honorable mention for Brandon Terry’s “After Ferguson” (issue 10)

Laurel Berger’s “The Magic of Untidiness” (online)

Lisa Ruddick’s “When Nothing Is Cool” (online)

David Unger’s “Fail Again” (issue 10)

2017 Pushcart Special Mention for Kris Lenz’s “Stendhal Syndrome” (issue 10)

2018 Pushcart special mention for Ben Jeffery’s “After the Flood” (issue 12)

Sophie Beck’s “Returning the Gaze” (issue 12)

Best American Essays Honorable Mention for Sophie Beck’s “Returning the Gaze.” (issue 12)

Terms & Conditions

In submitting the article, you warrant that it is original, that all the facts contained therein are true and accurate, that it does not infringe another's copyright or proprietary rights, and that the article has not appeared in any other publication in whole or in part. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms upon submission of your article.

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