Raymond Geuss

  • A Republic of Discussion
    Habermas at ninety

    The ninetieth birthday of Jürgen Habermas, the influential social theorist and political philosopher from the second generation of the Frankfurt School, has occasioned a wave of celebratory retrospectives. In this essay by Raymond Geuss,…

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  • The Idea of a Critical Theory

    Social welfare systems that had gradually been developed came under pressure and began to be dismantled. The academic reflection of the massive social and economic changes that took place between 1970 and 1981 …

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  • István Hont (1947-2013)

    Hont was one of the leading intellectual historians of his generation, with a special interest in Adam Smith as an intellectual figure who contributed to forming one of the dominant ideologies of incipient capitalism. His combination of overwhelming erudition …

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  • A World without Why?

    I have what I have always held to be a mildly discreditable day job, that of teaching philosophy at a university. I take it to be discreditable because about 85 percent of my time…

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