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Essays by

Niles Schwartz


Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs is about the familiar problem of nature intersecting with culture.

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Curtain Call

This is how the long-awaited third season of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks ends.

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Twelve Films for Thought from 2015

Niles Schwartz looks back on some of the best and most thought-provoking films from 2015.   Carol (Todd Haynes) Based on Patricia Highsmith’s pseudonymously published […]

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Bridge of Spies

Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies is a fact-based espionage drama set during the simmering cold-war Fifties. The film’s main character, James Donovan (Tom Hanks), is […]

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Closer to God

“My purpose is to tell of bodies which have been transformed into shapes of a different kind,” Ovid begins his Metamorphoses, entreating the gods to […]

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“That’s Entertainment!”

George Clooney’s The Ides of March is about Hollywood, just as much—if not more so—as it is about insider politics.

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Terrence Malick’s Song of Himself

With the rumblings and portents of world’s end and apocalyptic speculation, The Tree of Life could not have arrived at a more opportune moment. Granted, it does not dwell on the End as much as it does the Beginning…

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