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Justin Evans

Justin Evans is the Ennis Postdoctoral Fellow at Villanova University.

Socialism or Democracy?

For a few weeks, while I was writing the first draft of this review, the leading candidate in the Democratic presidential primary was an avowed […]

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Why Is It So Hard to Be Anti-Fascist?

Her grandfather, when she asks him about punching neo-Nazis, responds, “Who could have a problem with that?” For these men and women, the question was easy. What makes it so much harder for us?

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The Crisis of Language Project

alt right: i) right-wing racists who use leftist rhetoric. ii) establishment.

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System Reboot

A little over two weeks ago, Daniel Allington, Sarah Brouillette and David Golumbia published a long, fascinating indictment of the digital humanities (DH) as a […]

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Unvulgar Economics

Adam Smith’s invisible hand has always been the take-away from ECON 101. Smith used the phrase once, when arguing that states should not give a […]

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The Lonely Intellectual

What kind of a person, I wonder, responds to Kundera’s revealing statement by immediately wondering how oppressed he is, or compares “wall-to-wall media” to the Cambodian genocide?

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Worth Dreaming About

My first understanding—I’m foreign, you see—of Martin Luther King Day came from Public Enemy’s “By the Time I Get to Arizona,” off Apocalypse 91. The […]

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The Libertarian Sublime

On a “this is your brain, this is your brain on government” scale, you can’t deny the appeal of libertarianism. We all know that having no rules can be fun.

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Coming Apart

Either man is American, or he is Soviet. This rhetoric has dominated the last fifty years; the great victory of conservative politicians and pundits has been their ability to identify the idea of America with themselves.

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Problems with Authority

In his essay, “What is a Classic?” T.S. Eliot answers his own question. A classic, he says, is an ideal literary work, mature in literary […]

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The (Updated) Dictionary of Received Ideas

Classics, the: force of oppression. Know enough to despise ~: “Plato was an authoritarian.” “Aristotle condoned slavery.”

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