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Examined Life
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Jon Baskin


Friends Like These

While Gopnik’s liberal commitment to openness may enjoin him to give the criticisms of liberalism a fair hearing, what never seems to occur to him is what Trilling felt viscerally: that the criticisms of liberalism could be true.

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On the Hatred of Literature

The hatred of literature, though it remains almost unheard of among the general reading public, has become the default mode in the upper reaches of our literary culture.

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Off the Wave

Justin E. H. Smith is a professor of history and philosophy of science at the University of Paris. In addition to his recent book, Irrationality: […]

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On Left Straussianism

Nobody shares all their private complaints with an audience, but how do we know how much to share and with whom? Certainly, in the name […]

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On the End

What ought we to be optimistic for? For the survival of the earth? For the continuation of the human species?

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Letter on Denialism

In November, Politico published a profile of Claire Lehmann, the founder of the web magazine Quillette, which it hailed as the “unofficial digest” of the intellectual dark web.

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Restoring Justice

Jobi Cates is the director of Restore Justice, a Chicago-based nonprofit devoted to promoting “fairness, humanity and compassion” in the Illinois criminal justice system.

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Tired of Winning

My first full-time job after college was with the Center for American Progress, a policy institute in Washington, D.C.

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Letter on The Point

Every issue of The Point contains a “symposium” section organized around a question that takes the form: What is x for?

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