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Examined Life
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Essays by

Gal Katz


Stranger Things #4

A urinal called Fountain has been placed in the halls of academia, or rather a whole series of urinals.

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Stranger Things #3: Different Hats

There is a new trend in the capital of cool, and it has nothing to do with techno beats or haircuts.

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Stranger Things #2

Two weeks ago, as the news about scores of dead Palestinians poured in, a Facebook status urged me to answer a question that my children will allegedly pose to me: “Where will you have been?”

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Stranger Things #1: But I’m a Creep

Every now and then a starry-eyed academic reminds us that there is something called Eros and that we have to be careful not to sacrifice it on the altar of conventional morality.

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Blame the Victim

A number of times, some of which I hardly remember, all of which I try to forget, I left an apartment where I had a sexual encounter and things had happened that made me feel violated.

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

In America I was set free.

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