Danielle Charette

  • Democracy’s Midlife Crisis
    A conversation with David Runciman

    David Runciman is head of the department of politics and international studies at Cambridge University and host of the popular podcast Talking Politics. Danielle Charette and Jacob Hamburger interviewed him last week in Chicago…

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  • Freedom and Pleasure

    This film review of Lady Bird and The Florida Project was first published on Tocqueville 21. ● Tocqueville’s observations on raising girls in the United States come with a cruel volte-face. At first, he writes…

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  • The Belle of Amherst

    Critics have been trying to rescue Emily Dickinson from her Amherst attic for a long time. Over the past half-century, scholars have sought to debunk the characterization of Dickinson as New England’s most notorious…

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  • Demagoguery and Poetry

    Long before Donald Trump, there was the homegrown demagoguery of Robert Penn Warren’s Willie Stark. All the King’s Men turns seventy this year, but Warren’s best-known novel seems as prescient as ever. As Governor…

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