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Essays by

Antón Barba-Kay


The Sound of My Own Voice

The internet is, as a medium, fundamentally changing our conception of the political, writes Antón Barba-Kay. By removing speech from its social context, it has […]

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The Amazon Bookstore

Chances are, if you are reading this, that you have for some period of your life been a regular at the kind of bookstore owned and run by a mean old walrus with ketchup stains on his shirt and strata of nicotine marbled into his whiskers, and who turns out to be very knowledgeable and cool and non-creepy once you get to know him.

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The Substance of Things Hoped for

As a conservative of sorts, I have often envied my liberal friends one thing. I don’t mean the universities, or the media, or whatever other institutions populate the pandemonium of conservative grudges.

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The World of Coca-Cola

We are then led into the “Happiness Factory,” a small movie theater where we sit through a seven-minute animated CC ad called “Happyfication.” It is hosted by Pete, a blue critter who appears to be a cross between a smurf and a gremlin, gifted with a groovy smoove Marvin Gaye voice.

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