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Anastasia Berg


Similar Minds

Ethical prescriptions are implicit in the work of many academics, from literary scholars to economists, but no one is as unabashedly willing to claim moral […]

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American Nightmares

In the most basic sense, when we first confront powerful images we say that we are out of words, right? All of a sudden we don’t know what to say. Or we say they take our breath away. We can’t just immediately articulate what is happening. We feel called by the encounter with the image to say something, yet we also feel that we are losing speech.

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On Choosing Life

It’s reasonable to wonder whether it’s fair to bring children into a deteriorating world, and yet it’s nevertheless hard to shake the suspicion that, for many of the people inveighing against the morality of child-rearing, the prospect of a life without children appears to be less a sacrifice than a relief.

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On Left Straussianism

Nobody shares all their private complaints with an audience, but how do we know how much to share and with whom? Certainly, in the name […]

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Letter on Denialism

In November, Politico published a profile of Claire Lehmann, the founder of the web magazine Quillette, which it hailed as the “unofficial digest” of the intellectual dark web.

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Wanting Bad Things

This conversation first appeared on Rather Be Reading, The Point podcast.

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I Am Madame Bovary

Of all the personal stories shared in the wake of #MeToo, in no single narrative did so many recognize themselves as in a work of fiction: the short story “Cat Person,” by 36-year-old first-time author Kristen Roupenian.

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