Anastasia Berg

  • On Choosing Life

    The national birth rate, long in decline, reached an all-time low this year. Different theories have been floated to explain the trend, but none have been more revealing than the answers young people give…

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  • On Left Straussianism

    Nobody shares all their private complaints with an audience, but how do we know how much to share and with whom? Certainly, in the name of various kinds of shared commitments, it seems best…

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  • Letter on Denialism

    In  November, Politico published a profile of Claire Lehmann, the founder of the web magazine Quillette, which it hailed as the “unofficial digest” of the intellectual dark web. While acknowledging that many of the…

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  • Wanting Bad Things
    Andrea Long Chu responds to Amia Srinivasan

    This conversation first appeared on Rather Be Reading, The Point podcast. To listen to an edited version of their discussion (and the rest of the episode) click here. What appears below is a more…

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  • I Am Madame Bovary:
    “Cat Person” and the dark pleasures of empathy

    “I am Margot,” a thousand voices cried. But perhaps after all she is only what we wish we were or could be: beautiful, naïve, faultless.

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