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Intellectual Ex-Radicals and World Reaction: The Crisis of the Disillusioned Fellow-Travelers of Bolshevism Is Not the Same as a “Crisis of Marxism” (Trotsky 1939)

The Intellectual: Will He Wither Away? (King 1957)

Alienation and Integration of Student Intellectuals (Hajda 1961)

The Failure of the University (Bloom 1974)

The Last Intellectual (Sontag 1978)

Death of an Intellectual Hero (Lacan 1983)

The Last Intellectuals (Jacoby 1987)

No Respect: Intellectuals and Popular Culture (Ross 1989)

The Decline of Redemptive Truth and the Rise of a Literary Culture: The Way the Western Intellectuals Went (Rorty 1990)

Analysis of Death and Life Expectancy in Middle-Aged Intellectuals (Xuekui 1990)

Death in Quotation Marks: Cultural Myths of the Modern Poet (Boym 1991)

Writers, Intellectuals, Politics: Mainly Reminiscence (Bellow 1993)

Past Imperfect: French Intellectuals 1944-1956 (Judt 1994)

Victorian Minds: A Study of Intellectuals in Crisis and Ideologies in Transition (Himmelfarb 1995)

What’s Left of the Intelligentsia?: The Uncertain Future of the Printed Word (Franco 1997)

Dead Again: The Russian Intelligentsia after Communism (Gessen 1997)

Still Alive: The Russian Intelligentsia in a Predicament (Glagoleva 1998)

The Twilight of the Intellectuals (Kramer 1999)

Public Intellectuals: A Study of Decline (Posner 2002)

“We Are the Unhappy Few”: Return and Disillusionment among German-Jewish Intellectuals (Brenner 2004)

Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone?: Confronting 21st Century Philistinism (Furedi 2004)

Killing Thinking: Death of the University (Evans 2004)

The Failure of the New York Intellectuals (Silliman 2005)

The Social Isolation of Intellectuals (Lewis 2005)

Absent Minds: Intellectuals in Britain (Collini 2006)

Review of Mass Homicides of Intelligentsia as a Marker for Genocide (Salarian, Tuglaci, et al. 2007)

The Coming of the Suicidal Age?: Chinese Intellectuals’ Extreme Behavior and their Choice of Values in the Early Twentieth Century (Qing 2010)

The Flight of the Intellectuals (Berman 2010)

Notes on the Death of Culture: Essays on Spectacle and Society (Vargas Llosa 2015)

Zombie University (Murphy 2017)

Art credit: Odilon Redon

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