The annotated table of contents below offers a sneak peek at what’s in issue 18. To get the issue delivered straight to your door, subscribe now. Letter On Denialism It is an inconvenient truth that… Read More

Among other, graver things, I will remember the summer of 2018 as the summer during which we tried to stop using plastic straws. This was largely at the behest of the #StopSucking campaign, spearheaded… Read More

In the early 1970s, the leftist student movement in Egypt organized protests that rocked the country. Arwa Salih was a leading member of the movement, and in 1991 she published a manuscript entitled The… Read More

This is part II of Jesse McCarthy’s interview with Asad Haider, the author of Mistaken Identity (Verso, Spring 2018). Click here to read Part I, “The Consolations of Identity.” ●  Jesse McCarthy: Setting aside the… Read More