I’d found the job on Idealist. “Work to house the homeless,” the description had said. To start I was assigned the a.m. outreach shift. Our itinerary came in the morning via email, a list… Read More

JOHNATHAN LEE IVERSON RINGMASTER: I’m the first person you hear in the circus. I give the circus a language. Nothing happens until I say it. Nothing matters until I say it. I take you… Read More

What to do on Saturday night is a philosophical problem. Notwithstanding the scheduling idiosyncrasies created by our “flexible” economy, it remains the time of week we are least able to avoid asking ourselves: What… Read More

In its June 2017 issue, The Atlantic published a long essay about Richard Spencer by Graeme Wood. Wood, now a national correspondent for the magazine, went to school with Spencer at St. Mark’s School… Read More