PUBLIC CASE 1 Our teacher said: “Poetry serves the same purpose as heavy metal music.” One of the students said: “So, a recreational drug.” Teacher replied: “Nothing more.” He gave a look and added:… Read More

Belfast, Northern Ireland—where I’m from—is shouldered by hills that aren’t quite mountains, a landscape that’s large enough to make the city feel small without making the world around it seem indecipherably vast. From the top of those… Read More

“It is not the last time I shall be writing about this girl and I know that, each time, it will be a different ‘me’ writing about a different ‘girl.’” —Masud Khan, Hidden Selves,… Read More

In the wake of Tuesday’s stunning election outcome, many in the media have called for a reckoning. Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone bemoaned the coastal media’s “insular arrogance” and the New York Times’s Jim Rutenberg pointed to… Read More