In the wake of Tuesday’s stunning election outcome, many in the media have called for a reckoning. Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone bemoaned the coastal media’s “insular arrogance” and the New York Times’s Jim Rutenberg pointed to… Read More

In May 1940, Hitler’s armies swept lightning-fast into France and the Low Countries. Fearing the worst as the Nazis advanced, more than eight million panicked civilians left their homes and fled south. It was… Read More

I am at a dinner party and I am annoyed. Nothing about this is exceptional, but still I find myself annoyed that I am annoyed. Nearing middle age, I should be in charge of… Read More

Belfast, Northern Ireland—where I’m from—is shouldered by hills that aren’t quite mountains, a landscape that’s large enough to make the city feel small without making the world around it seem indecipherably vast. From the top of those… Read More