In The Deuce, James Franco—in what could have been the most Franconian casting stunt since he appeared on General Hospital as a performance artist called James Franco—plays twins. Like Lindsay Lohan, about whom he… Read More

The most compelling political performance artists in Germany do not like to be called “artists.” Nor do they prefer the label of “activists”—a term they reserve for gradualists, clicktivists, and the letter-writers of Amnesty… Read More

Note: This article first appeared as “The Irreducible Significance of Literature: David Wellbery on Goethe, Cavelle, and de Man,” on the LiteraturWissenschaft in Berlin site. It has been edited and condensed slightly for clarity.  … Read More

My brother, David Heti, is a stand-up comic. He is five and a half years younger than me, so he’s in his mid-thirties now, and for the past five years or so—ever since he… Read More