There was a time when I viewed my Indianness as something of a hobby, a sporadically cultivated one at that. I’d attend ballet class for six or seven hours a week, gymnastics every Tuesday… Read More

Stefan Zweig’s 1942 novella, Chess Story, set on a steamer headed from New York to Buenos Aires, recounts the tale of a Viennese lawyer, Dr. B., who had been imprisoned by Nazis and subjected… Read More

In 1988 no one in France took the hip-hop movement seriously. It was the rec-room era. JoeyStarr and Kool Shen were just two kids from Seine-Saint-Denis, the 93rd ward, a neglected tract of housing… Read More

Like many women with countercultural affinities and too much education, when I got pregnant I began planning for a “natural,” i.e. drug-free, childbirth. Considering that up to that point I had greatly enjoyed the… Read More