In 1949, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia decided to honor Stalin by building a monument to him in Prague. It was going to be the largest statue… Read More

The disaster ruins everything, all the while leaving everything intact. It does not touch anyone in particular; “I” am not threatened by it, but spared, left aside. It is in this way that I… Read More

“Hello, I’m not a citizen, but as a recipient of taxpayer monies I follow your politics quite closely.” CHICAGO, IL In early November I received an invitation from Pascal, a fellow graduate student, to… Read More

In the myth, Isis gathers the limbs of her murdered husband, Osiris, and uses magic to return him to life. Isis is an artist. She has found Osiris’s right arm, bluing brown, socket scab-webbed,… Read More