Dear Friends of The Point, Please join us on Friday, June 5th at the Experimental Station in Hyde Park to celebrate the arrival of our summer issue. We’ll have a DJ, cheap drinks, copies of… Read More

In his famous short story “Signs and Symbols” Vladimir Nabokov describes a rare mental condition. As well as being of theoretical interest, the passage is gorgeous and worth quoting at length: The patient imagines… Read More

Like many women with countercultural affinities and too much education, when I got pregnant I began planning for a “natural,” i.e. drug-free, childbirth. Considering that up to that point I had greatly enjoyed the… Read More

Peggy and Joan, the two main female characters in AMC’s Mad Men, have used different strategies to advance in the male-dominated world of 1960s advertising. You don’t need to have followed the arc of… Read More