Robert L. Kehoe III

  • When the Ship Has Sailed
    Alan Jacobs on Christian Humanism in an Age of Crisis

    Years ago, Alan Jacobs was a professor of mine at Wheaton College, teaching everything from the Iliad and Paradise Lost to Michel Foucault and Stanley Fish. He was also an emerging public intellectual whose…

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  • Unexceptional Goals

    For those of us growing up at the tail end of the twentieth century in the United States, football was something performed by Joe Montana, Bruce Smith, John Elway and Walter Payton. Soccer was…

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  • What Something Is:
    The truth is not out there

    This essay appears in a special symposium on intellectuals, which is entirely composed of essays by the editors of The Point. Click here to read all of the essays from the symposium. Hans-Georg Gadamer was…

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  • Accounting for Tradition

    Philip Gorski is a professor of sociology at Yale University, where he is the co-director of the Center for Comparative Research and the Religion and Politics Colloquium at the Yale MacMillan Center. In his…

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  • What We Despise

    I went to college in a pristine picket-fence suburb, just west of Chicago. The campus itself embodied many of the qualities upper middle-class Americans expect from the four or five years they, or their…

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  • Federer as Crisis of Faith?

    Growing up I was good enough at sports to be caricatured as a standard jock, with little to offer the world but a form of low-level entertainment, and something like “street smarts” or “common…

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  • Hunger Games

    Throughout an unlikely championship run in the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball tournament, they called themselves the “Hungry Huskies.” Leading the way for the University of Connecticut was Shabazz Napier, a senior from Roxbury, Massachusetts…

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  • The Simmons Affair

    ESPN is big. For children of the baby boomers, it’s so big we can hardly imagine life without it. In the same way Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon have come to dominate their fields,…

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  • Descent

    Until the autumn of 2012, Lance Armstrong was almost universally heralded as a champion of the human spirit and a sportsman whose personal and professional accomplishments were nothing short of heroic. Handsome, intelligent, charismatic,…

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